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Retain and Disposal Clerk

Full Time
9 days ago
1.1. Through guidance provided by Laboratory Manager or Laboratory Supervisor, and in a safe, legal and
Ethical manner, the Retain and Disposal Clerk is to attend to the process of retaining and disposing of
Materials for the company and its clients and to maintain associated records, thus supporting the goal
of providing a service to our clients that is accurate, timely and cost effective.
1.2. In the event the Retain and Disposal Clerk is unavailable, the Laboratory Manager delegates the
responsibilities to trained Laboratory personnel.
2.0 Specifics Responsibilities
2.1. Transfers and retains samples and other requested materials according to the retain process described in
OCA_AMER_QPG_029, Sample Retention.
2.2. Disposes of or prepares for disposal of samples and other requested materials according to the disposal
process described in OCA_AMER_QPG_009, Sample Disposal.
2.3. Maintain the supplies necessary to accomplish 2.1 and 2.2.
2.4. Maintain all appropriate records associated with retain and disposal of samples and materials.
2.5. Maintain assigned area, files, supplies and equipment in a clean and orderly manner.
2.6. Perform any reasonable additional duties as may be assigned by the Laboratory Supervisor.
2.7. Carries out all responsibilities in a supportive manner with adherence to the Company’s Safety Policy
and Procedures, Quality Management System, Ethics Policy, Environmental Management System,
Vision and Strategy, and exercises good judgment, common sense, and diplomacy.
3.0 Supervision Exercised
3.1. None. This position does not supervise personnel.
4.1. This position reports directly to their Laboratory Manager or Laboratory Supervisor.

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