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General Manager

Brossard, QC
Full Time
14 hours ago
General Manager


The General Manager (GM) is responsible for growing restaurant sales and guest counts profitably, and for ensuring the restaurant meets McDonald's critical guest standards of Quality, Service, and Cleanliness. The General Manager role models best-in-class Guest Experience behaviours.

The General Manager works with his/her reporting manager to set the restaurant's targets with a growth mindset, and creates a plan to achieve the targets. The General Manager doesn't work alone to meet restaurant targets, he/she leads a team of Department Managers who have specific responsibilities in the restaurant. This means supporting the Department Managers in setting their individual targets, following up on their progress, and providing coaching and direction to improve their Department results. By improving the Departments, the restaurant improves.

The GM is responsible for energizing crew and managers. This includes hiring and developing each manager to make sure that the restaurant has the right team to lead into the future.

Performance Measurements

These could include, but are not limited to:

  • Sales & Guest Count Growth\tPeak Sales Growth
  • Overall Performance of Bakery & Kiosk\tGuest Count Forecast Efficiency
  • Restaurant Profit\tManager and Crew Staffing Levels
  • ROIP Brand Standards Visit Scores\tGSS overall scores
  • Crew 90-Day Turnover and Overall Turnover\tManagement Development
  • Crew Orientations and 60-Day Follow Ups\tManagement Turnover



* \tCreate and build a restaurant business plan to capture guest demand and grow sales & guest counts by increasing frequency of visits and adding new guests

* \tEstablish a good relationship with the community

* \tPlan and project monthly P&L; analyze, present and recap results

* \tMonitor and report progress on department targets weekly using scorecard

* \tUtilize a diagnostic and coaching mindset when completing each Department Manager's weekly walk-thru

* \tPrepare for, schedule and participate in weekly manager's meeting

* \tShare best practices with other GMs

* \tRole model hospitality and guest experience behaviours creating great guest experiences

* \tRole model the right routines and growth mindset behaviours

* \tRole model guest recovery measures with the goal that every guest leaves happy with their experience.


* \tVerify that food safety daily/monthly checklists are completed on time and verified 100%

* \tEnsure all managers are trained and certified in food safety procedures per the regulations of the market


* \tOversee proper execution of promotions to maximise sales building potential

* \tFollow-up on Best in Class Retailing


* \tVerify accuracy of weekly and monthly food inventory


* \tOversee the scheduling of all crew and Managers and ensure good scheduling practices and principles are followed.

* \tConduct crew Orientations; ensure all new hire files are maintained

* \tWrite and conduct performance reviews for assigned managers and assigned crew

* \tVerify that all performance reviews are complete and delivered

* \tApprove, administer and communicate wage adjustments to crew and managers

* \tCoordinate commitment survey process (scheduling, prepare materials, pay crew)

* \tDevelop and implement Commitment Survey action plan; measure and report progress

* \tDevelop additional sources of high quality applicants

* \tConduct second interviews and make final hiring decisions for crew

* \tMaintain a crew and manager staffing level appropriate for the restaurant's sales and guest count growth

* \tComplete Exit Interviews in order to learn about how to satisfy and retain current and future employees.

* \tRecognize and reward the right behaviours and restaurant's goals and accomplishments

* \tVerify compliance with all labour and employment laws and McDonald's policies

* \tComplete 60-day follow up crew orientations on all new hires monthly


* \tFollow-up on the cleanliness and organization of the restaurant weekly


* \tHire, train, schedule and verify activities of maintenance personnel

* \tVerify that all Planned Maintenance tasks are scheduled and completed


* \tManage Worker's Compensation program (if applicable)

* \tSchedule Play Place safety audits and makes corrections (if applicable)

* \tOverall responsibility for OHS and Health Inspections


* \tVerify the efficiency of the crew schedule to optimize sales and profitability (ThoughtWorks Diagnostic)

* \tFollow guest count forecast and schedule review processes

* \tEnsure crew schedule is completed by a certified scheduling manager


* \tUpdate with new managers and manager availability

* \tCreate and post a monthly managers' schedule that is focused on growing guest counts, capturing Guest demand, ensures management development and includes running shifts.


* \tOversee and coordinate management development scheduling, coaching, follow-up and verifications

* \tFollow-up on weekly/monthly management development training plans


* \tBenefit from group medical and dental insurance (full-time employee only)

* \tBenefit from a competitive salary calculated according to experience

* \tWork in a fun, stimulating and positive team environment

* \tTake advantage of flexible hours (part-time or full-time)

* \tObtain a 50% discount on food products at participating McDonald's restaurants in Canada

* \tGet free uniforms

* \tPerformance bonus program

* \tParticipate in employee outings and activities

* \tExpenses allocated for cellphones

* \tAllocated expenses for KM

* \tExpenses allocated for the Gym

* \tRRSP
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